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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Hiep. I got married in 1997. Two years after that, my wife and I had a boy and a girl. In 2002, we got our boy started on piano lessons, and that is suddenly also how I started my career. At the time, I did not know anything about piano which was a challenge for us to buy a piano for our son. It took us a few times trading back and forth. While using the piano, we stumbled on some issues. Even though the seller sent the technician to tune and fix those issues, I still felt that something was wrong but I did not know why. Later on, I came to understand that it was because of the technician’s limited ability and skills, and the fact that I did not maintain it properly. I did not have anyone to show me how to take care of the piano in the right way. The door to my career started to open from here.
- Since 2003, I learned about piano technic (tuning, regulation and repair in Vietnam).
- Since 2005, I was under advanced training with Japanese professionals.
- Since 2006, I was trained by Canadian professionals.
- I have been learning about piano and working as a piano technician at the same time since 2004. However, I officially established the company in 2007, and have worked professionally since then. Phuc Lam Company was named after my father. He has always been the great example that I look up to.
- From 2007 until 2014, I have worked through roughly 1000 pianos in different types. The services that I provide include: tuning, periodic maintenance, regulation, voicing, repair piano.
Anyone can say he or she is a piano technician, but there are only very few true piano technicians in Vietnam these days. A real piano specialist does not only need the technical skills, but also these important characters: hard-working, meticulous, and cautious. Because of that, I do not just hire anybody, even if we areoverloaded with orders. We value quality much more than quantity. All of our services are completely handled by me and my partner, Mai ThanhVinh who has been working with me since the very beginning of the company.